About 4D Bloom

4DBLOOM creates one of a kind bespoke artisanal adornments,inspired by the elemental energies and the mystical that resides in every form. Founded and designed by Andree DeLair all specimens are hand crafted with various quartz crystals, precious metals, as well as semi precious healing stones.
 The designs merge alchemy, light and ancient minerals juxtaposed with strikingly modern shapes. The result is highly personalized, powerfully charged CrystallineTalismans created to assist in intuition, personal manifestation and aid in the healing arts. 4D Bloom also creates floral installations, seasonal & lunar offerings, sage bundles, palo santo, and assorted aromatic flowers & herbs. 

Originally from California and Arizona I moved to NYC to attend Fashion Institute of Technology and New York City was my home for many years working in the Fashion industry. Design has always been my passion and it has taken me all over the world .From NYC I relocated to London and from there Southeast Asia, where I opened design studios in India and Indonesia and launching 4D Creative, an international design Consultancy specializing in bespoke branded collaborations for select clientele.

Recently I returned to the Desert where I am from and 4D Bloom was born here, emerging from a desire to slow down, work with my hands and create alchemy  with the design process and elemental energies. The intent behind 4D Bloom is a labor of love and deeply connected to the earth, ancient wisdom and divine inspiration. Each and every creation is unique and and comes from a space beyond words and time where love is the universal law and language.  

The success of my career and personal journey, has been possible in many aspects due to decades long unwavering devotion to my Yogic practice and transcendental meditation. It is through this practice, self discovery and the discipline to learn a new skill and become a metalsmith during the lockdown I created the Halcyon collection to assist others in their Journey.

Sat Nam